Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle. Issue 39, p17 (Mar 1994).

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Spanish Bureau Forgeries

By Alec Jacques

5c and 30c

1935/42 5c and 30c "errors of colour" (Abad 29a and 36a)

The 5c St Joan de Caselles in carmine-red and the 30c House of the Valleys in blackish-brown can be found imperforate or perforated and with or without control numbers. These have been listed in the Abad and Edifil (29e and 36e) catalogues for many years, and the stamps themselves quite often appear in the Spanish auction catalogues. The Abad catalogue values them at 30,000ptas each (£150) but don't rush out to buy them! These are stamps from the previous series, and are from imperforate waste or surplus stamps that had not been numbered or gummed. The so-called "errors of colour" that have been perforated (illustrated) are 11½ x 11½ line instead of the normal 11½ x 11 comb.

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