Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle. Issue 11, p9 (April 1980).

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Stamp Designs

1972 Spanish Bureau 2ptas, Christmas stamp
(Pessebre Vivent)

Pessebre Vivent

This was a nativity play performed a few years ago at Engordany, in a natural setting and in the open air, the villagers taking part with their own cattle and flocks of sheep etc. No professional actors were allowed to take part, so that the play could be as natural as possible, and actual farm buildings were adapted for the scene. It appears to have been partly in the nature of a tourist attraction, partly in the nature of a determined attempt to revive something of the spirit of past times to reflect the traditional religiousness of the mountain villages, but it has been discontinued. (A photograph of the time shows one of the angels - much akin to the one on the stamp - sheltering under an umbrella in the rain!) The stamp is interesting in that it shows real people and real animals, which is unusual as stamps of this kind invariably reproduce old paintings of imaginary characters.


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