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Valira Torrent:   Contents | Subject index

Perforation image from Serif Art Gallery. © Serif Inc, 1996

Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle.

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"Quarter Century of Andorrophily" 3/5
Quotations from the Past 9/10
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"Rambling in Andorra" 27/12
Ramon de Torres Arms stamps 21/10
Ransol 30/7
"Rarest Andorran Stamp" 14/2#
"Recent History and Statistics"
 1963-81 26/4
1982-87 29/2
Recouvrements 23/12
Red Cross 31/5
Reformation Programme 1866 7/5#
Registered/Charged mail, French Andorra 1931-1984 22/8
Registered mail - French Bureau 29/8
"Republica de Andorra" 3/3#
"Republique d'Andorre" 1/3#
Revisado por Seguridad (inspected by security) 37/4#
Rossell, Carlos 5/7#
Rossell, Josephine ("Pepeta") 5/7#
Rossell, Manuel 5/7#
Rossell y Duran, Tomas (son) 1/4#
Rossell y Moles, Tomas (father) 1/2#
Rotary Recess Printing 12/5#
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