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Valira Torrent:   Contents | Subject index

Perforation image from Serif Art Gallery. © Serif Inc, 1996

Valira Torrent - bulletin of the Andorran Philatelic Study Circle.

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Balloon bi-centenary variety 18/10
Benlloch, Bishop (Co-Prince) 2/2#
Bill Hughes Memorial Award 16/10
"Birds of Britain and Europe" 2/8#
Blocs Gommés (Fr. Andorra) 39/9
Bogus Postage Dues 43/2
Booklet 1988, Fr. Andorra 28/5
 1990, Fr. Andorra 32/7
Books for loan to members 3/10
Book Reviews
 Andorra/Andorre 1985 supplement 22/1#
 "Ecu des Vallés 1780" - W. Petit 26/1
 Gibbons Part 6, 3rd Ed. "France" 26/1
  Catalogue des Emissions de la
Viguerie Episcopale d'Andorre
 "Repertoire des Coins Datés .... " 20/1
 "Repertoire des Cartes Postales Anciennes" 20/1
  Gibbons Part 9, 3rd Ed. "Spain and Portugal" 1991 34/2
  "Les Timbres de France surchargés 'Andorre'" 34/6
  "Table of French Postage Rates" 1849-1991 36/2
Bordes de Mereig 22/3#
"Bronze Foot of Roc de l'Oral" 29/10
Bureau of Social Security, 25th anniversary sculptures (general) 37/2#
 (see also Sculptures)
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